Police await families to take suspected terrorist bodies

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No one has showed up to take suspected terrorist bodies.

Berita.CC, JAKARTA — A total 13 bodies of terror suspects are still at Bhayangkara East Java Police Hospital. Police to give seven days to the families of terror suspects to immediately retrieve the bodies.

So far, no families of terrorist suspects has come to take the corpses. According to Frans, police will give those bodies to be handled by regional government if no one from the suspected terrorist’ families showed up.

If nobody comes in seven days, we will decide in accordance with the law, said East Java Police spokesman Frans Barung Mangera on Thursday (May 17).

Earlier, Indonesian Dai Association (Ikadi) chairman Ahmad Satori Ismail urged people to not be rash to reject the bodies of terrorist suspects. He said essentially Muslims have an obligation to take care the bodies of other Muslims.

When a Muslim die, the people around him/her must take care until is buried. Ahmad said it is called as fardu kifayah law in Islam. Where one Muslim has done it, so the obligation of others fall, Ahmad said.

On Wednesday (May 16) morning, a policeman, namely Auzar, died in an attack to Riau Police Headquarters. He was hit by a minivan drove by suspected terrorist who tried to break in the enterance gate of the office.

Meanwhile, one police member, namely Farid Abdullah suffered stab wound. He currently is undergoing medical treatment at Bhayangkara Riau Police Hospital, Riau Police spokesman Sunarto said on Wednesday.


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